Choose your email service in 3-2-1!

Stop procrastinating and choose your email service today.


Stop asking strangers in Facebook groups which email service provider is perfect for you. They don’t know your needs or your budget. Besides, everyone will tell you that the provider she uses is the very best. And hearing how all 50 million providers out there are the very best will only add to your confusion and overwhelm.

You may never choose the perfect provider. But we will help you choose the best one for your business as it is today.

Perfectionism is just another form of procrastination. Stop procrastinating and download your free guide today.


Quickly compare features so that you don't pay for extras you don't need. 


Understand what the features mean...we've translated the jargon into plain English so that you know what each feature really does. 


See how much each email service costs annually...whether you have 10 or 10,000 that you can choose a provider that fits your budget now and as your list grows.


Recovering Perfectionists Unite!

Hey there! I'm Nikole. And I'm a recovering perfectionist.

I've literally spent hours researching every email service provider out there. I've Googled everything about each of them: reviews, blog posts, you name it. And I've spent several more hours trolling through Facebook groups asking people which provider they use and love. 

And when I finally signed up for a provider, I didn't sign up for just one. I signed up for 3! I told myself I needed  to try each of them, and I would cancel my subscriptions as soon as I was convinced I'd found the perfect provider.

This insanity came to a screeching halt when Jay saw all the monthly charges.


Instead of choosing a provider like you would choose new impulse purchase made entirely by my emotions..and then wearing them for days and days before deciding if the excruciating pain in your pinky toe was worth their level of cuteness...Jay approached the decision like the computer programmer he is.

With no hint of emotion, he clicked through each of the providers. quickly tore them apart, put them back together, and figured out which ones I would actually be able to learn how to use. 

Yeah, he loves me like that. 

And now, he's done that for you, too. And you don't even have to cook him dinner or wash his tighty whities. All you have to do is click the big ol' button below...or above...your choice. 


Choose your email service in 3-2-1!

Stop procrastinating and choose your email service today.


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